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Window or conservatory problem?

From broken window locks to leaking conservatory roofs, we have got a cost effective solution for every kind of repair.,
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Bringing Your Windows and Conservatories Back To Life...

James and Co. (Midlands) Ltd.'s Window and Conservatory Clinic offers the reliable solution to faulty windows, doors and conservatories. We are your resourceful repair company specialising in uPVC, aluminium and timber. With over 25 years' experience repairing windows, doors and conservatories, James and Co. (Midlands) Ltd. guarantees to fix the problem, including:

                 Door Security
                 Lost Keys

                 Cat Flaps
                 Window Security
                 Patio Doors
                 Patio Door Security


  • Realign Doors.

  • Replace Damaged Hinges.

  • Replace Misted Broken Down Units.

  • Upgrade to Safety Glass.

  • Replace Damaged Letter Plates.

  • Replace Worn/Broken Handles.

  • Replace Damaged Door Panels.

  • Replace Worn Damaged Gaskets to Stop Water Ingress.

  • Renew Sealants.

  • Reduce Draughts.

  • Fit Restrictors to Open Out Doors to Prevent Hinge Damage.

Door Security...

  • Repair and Replace Locks.

  • Upgrade locking system to improve security and to give you peace of mind.

Lost Keys...

  • Change Cylinders.

  • Open Locked Shut Doors.

Cat Flaps...

  • Fit Cat Flaps.


  • Replace Misted Broken Units.

  • Replace Handles.

  • Replace Damaged Hinges.

  • Reduce Draughts.

  • Replace Damaged Worn Gaskets.

  • Fit Window Restrictors for Child Safety.

Window Security...

  • Replace/Upgrade Locking Systems.

  • Open Locked Shut Window.

Patio Doors...

  • Replace Misty Broken Units.

  • General Repair and Maintenance.

  • Replace Damaged Rollers and Tracks.

  • Ensure Smooth Rolling.

Patio Door Security...

  • Replace and/or Update Locking Systems.

  • Add Extra Security Bolts.

  • Check out the Locking System.


  • Stop Leaks.

  • Replace Misty Broken Units.

  • Replace Damaged Roof Panels.

  • Re-fit Slipped Panels.

  • Upgrade Roofing Panels.

  • Fit New Roofs.

Conservatory Roof...

We specialise in providing a competitively priced service for maintaining and repairing any conservatory roof. Although the conservatory roof makes up only a small part of the overall structure, it is essential that it is well maintained so that your whole conservatory lasts longer, saving you money in the process.

We can protect your conservatory roof from weathering with professional cleaning and maintenance, or carry out repairs of areas that are leaking. The services we offer include the application of the latest protective solution which minimises conservatory roof maintenance.

Conservatory Repairs...

Our services include a comprehensive range of standalone services for all types of conservatory repairs and maintenance. The cost of replacing a conservatory can be enormous, instead it is better to refurbish, replace and restore existing structures. The conservatory repairs are undertaken by our competent team of professionals.

Conservatory repairs are an economical way of ensuring that your conservatory lasts longer without the costs associated with replacement. Alternatively, you can give your conservatory a makeover, resulting in a more modern and energy efficient space to add to your home. We have a selection of dedicated engineers working throughout the UK, so call today to discuss conservatory repairs in your area.

Polycarbonate Roofing...

The pH of rain can seriously affect polycarbonate roofing, as can many domestic cleaning products. The special layer of UV filter is prone to degradation through weathering, but we offer a range of solutions to ensure that your polycarbonate roofing lasts longer. We also offer the latest in polycarbonate roofing protection, which results in a cleaner brighter roof that stays cleaner 80 per cent longer than unprotected roofs.

The specialist coating bonds to the surface of the polycarbonate roofing with no discolouration. Not only does the product inhibit the growth of algae and moss, it is incredibly stable, with its durable qualities ensuring that your conservatory roof lasts longer. This product is also suitable for glass roofs. For more information about any of the services we offer, call us today for one stop solutions for all your conservatory ailments.

Makeover Ideas...

Is your conservatory a little lack lustre these days, in need of makeover ideas to brighten up dull windows and bring back the sparkle? James and Co. (Midlands) Ltd. have just the solution, we have a wide range of makeover ideas which will rejuvenate any conservatory making it a place you want to spend time in.

Conservatory Makeover...

A conservatory makeover can start from a little as changing the blinds you hang at the windows, but we like to think bigger, sprucing up your uPVC, shining your roof and windows back to a brand new look. A conservatory makeover with us will address the problems with dull and lifeless uPVC panels, build up of moss and algae as well as making sure your conservatory is warm in the winter and cool in the summer so you get the most out of your conservatory makeover by obtaining a space which is usable all year round.


It might just be that your conservatory has seen better days, our renovation services, similar to our conservatory makeover could be the tonic your conservatory needs, renovating is less expensive than replacing your conservatory, replacing slipped panels or rotten wooden frames, but give your conservatory a chance, renovation rather than replacement, the conservatory doctor can help solve the problems.

Conservatory Maintenance...

We all know that timber needs maintenance but how many of us bought into the idea that uPVC windows and doors will last a lifetime and require no maintenance? Locks, hinges, handles not to mention roof panels, gutters etc all need to be maintained to ensure a long and useful working life. James and Co. (Midlands) Ltd. can arrange a maintenance program to suit your needs that will include cleaning and a health check.

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Conservatory Cleaning...

Conservatory cleaning can be a time consuming, laborious task, but it is an essential part of conservatory maintenance, we understand that finding time for conservatory cleaning often gets put off as there are hundreds of other jobs which need doing. We have a range of conservatory cleaning options which can help and we can provide conservatory cleaning services as a one off.

What we offer...

  • Roof cleaned including glazing bars.

  • Gutters cleaned.

  • External Windows and Frames cleaned.

  • Easy Clean coating of Polycarbonate or Glass Roof.

  • Conservatory health check and report.

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