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Window or conservatory problem?

From broken window locks to leaking conservatory roofs, we have got a cost effective solution for every kind of repair.,
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James and Co. (Midlands) Ltd. Secure Window:

  • A. High strength steel mushrooms.

  • B. Central claw lock.

  • C. Locking hooks for hinge protection.

  • D. Die cast keep to retain reversing claws, which also provide a night vent facility.

James and Co. (Midlands) Ltd. Secure Door:

  • A. 2 roller cams provide a reliable weatherproof seal.

  • B. Hook claws top and bottom operate in reverse directions for anti-lift.

  • C. Centre hook claw with smooth locking operation. Provides high level of security in the centre of door.

  • D. Adjustable steel 8mm diameter shoot-bolts as standard on slave and master door

  • E. 'RASP' cylinder protector set.

  • F. Stainless steel one piece keeps combine with hook claws to provide highly secure locking and
    non corrosive lasting performance.

Enhanced Escape Routes...

James and Co. (Midlands) Ltd. offers you peace of mind that can come with the unrestricted means of escape in an emergency.

French Windows are excitingly different and certainly contemporary, yet with classical good looks. Both sides open fully leaving a clear, unobstructed opening. This gives an easy escape route should there ever be an emergency.

Tilt and Turn windows have versatility built in. Turn the handle and the window tilts inwards for ventilation. Turn the handle further and the window hinges inwards for ease of cleaning and escape should there be an emergency.

Child Safety...

The "Boa restrictor" is a simple yet effective window device for child safety.

Whether you are concerned about child safety or a landlord worried about liability in the event of an accident this restrictor will meet your needs.

The Boa restrictor is an excellent 2 handed operation window restrictor that has been designed to avoid accidental disengaging. There are no keys required and the device automatically re-engages when the window is closed.

The added feature of the green button enhancement signifies fire egress. This restrictor fits inline with your friction hinges and also incorporates a run up block to bring the window inline with the frame when closing.


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